in collaboration
in collaboration

Empowering Excellence in collaboration

A company and all its employees are like the transmission of an engine… if the gears mesh without friction, this engagement successfully drives the motor. If the steering is poorly adjusted or dirt infiltrates the works, the motor can come to a halt. The consequences can be employee turnover, a shortage of specialists or extraordinary expenses needed to fill gaps. Empowering Excellence in collaboration enables the optimal shaping of relationships at all hierarchical levels – both between team members and with you as an executive. As Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant, I am your sparring partner for effective collaboration.

Empowering Excellence in collaboration helps you succeed in:

  • Improving relationships among team members and with you as an executive
  • Fostering trust, fairness, personal growth and mutual support
  • Increasing loyalty and job satisfaction
  • Recognizing and furthering people’s intrinsic motivation
  • Fortifying interdependence – igniting the collective fire

Trust and optimal relationships

Empowering Excellence in collaboration enables a company culture which offers everyone in a company a secure and loyal environment in which to work together. Each individual wishes to be perceived – by you the executive – as a personality, to experience trust, for her or his ideas to be heard, and to feel accepted. This is the foundation for mutual development, shared growth and success.

Research in the area of neuro-leadership clearly indicates what motivates employees. These factors include self-confidence, purpose, autonomy, relationships and growth. As a good executive you sponsor and sustain these conditions. Through Empowering Excellence, you create a nurturing environment that fosters mutual respect. A desirable culture, in which each individual can gladly perform with high job satisfaction.

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