Empowering Excellence in self-management

Your authority as an executive results from more than merely your function. Your personality, character, attitude and self-esteem all strongly imprint your authority. You deal with challenges, demands and decisions in an individual way – practicing your unique self-management. As Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant, I am your sparring partner for your self-management.

Self-management constitutes the core of Empowering Excellence in leadership. As an executive, you must first guide yourself, before you can influence other people effectively. Self-management serves as a positive role model, demonstrating your “self-leadership” capabilities.

Empowering Excellence in self-management helps you succeed in:

  • Consciously steering your thoughts to focus on the essentials
  • Influencing moods and emotions in a targeted way
  • Checking and suspending impulsive responses
  • Motivating yourself based on your strategy
  • Expanding your capabilities and performance out of your own initiative

Boost in reputation through successful self-guidance

Few senior executives engage in critical introspection while they occupy their position in a company. But regular self-examination is important, for example by asking:

  • What am I doing? What makes sense?
  • What do I stand for?
  • What latent resources are only waiting for stimulus?
  • What values am I living?
  • What should my message be?
  • Does all this authority apply to me?

The clearer it is to you, who you are, the stronger your presence will be. Empowering Excellence supports your autonomy and personal fulfillment. Empowering Excellence draws on mindfulness and the targeted focus of one’s own thoughts, and thus one’s own behavior. Preserve your authenticity, communicate your solution-orientation and act with greater self-assurance. Meld your person and position in the company in your own self-perception. Harmonize your personal image with that others have of you. This is the key to success in boosting your authority and reputation.

I help you as a top executive attain outstanding leadership excellence.