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Board Excellence: Board of Directors and the Executive Board

Board Excellence. Empowerment of The Board of Directors and The Executive Board

Do you want the collaboration with the board of directors and executive board - arguably the most important leadership team - to be aligned as efficiently as possible? Do you want to overcome obstacles and counteract delays, to ensure that new thinking and behavioural patterns are consciously adopted within the organisation, while pressing ahead with existing business innovatively?

As executive coach and sparring partner, I will show you how you can optimally facilitate the collaboration between the board of directors and the executive board.

Empowering Executives ensures successful collaboration between the executive board and the board of directors in:

  • instilling leadership efficiency as the supreme authority of the organisation
  • establishing alignment and effective leadership in communications with executive management
  • collectively and consistently making sound decisions
  • finding strong focus for the entire organisation and positively promoting corporate culture with successful top managers
  • strengthening effective cooperation and clearly allocating responsibilities through active and constructive participation of all board members
  • living up to objective, beneficial and open conflict management values, as well as effectively reducing tensions

The future belongs to companies that are intrinsically sustainable. Organisations do not change, people do. Future viability requires the development of organisational structures and organisational culture: it requires perspective in the interplay between humans and organisations. The board of directors, executive board and C-level management are the driving forces in the new working world, and excellence is the key.

Let's talk about how you can guarantee impact with the board of directors and the executive board.