Expertise Cristian Hofmann | Executive Coach | Master Certified

I boost your reputation as an executive

Grasping complex relations, deciding with assurance, conveying authority. Collaborating constructively and targeting solutions … these competencies and top performance are expected of you as a top executive. And you expect them of yourself. If you are not meeting these expectations to 100%, this can influence your standing. Standing provides a basis for trust in communication and collaboration, making it desirable and beneficial.

The higher you are on the career ladder, the more significant your reputation. Empowering Excellence not only ensures your reputation – Empowering Excellence boosts it. The result: maximum impact. For individuals – and throughout the company culture. Externally toward customers, suppliers and partners. Guaranteed reputation also as a successful leadership team.

I am an enabler, who ensures success in a process and solution-oriented manner, who inspires, clarifies and innovates. “I am your enabler!”

If you want to boost your reputation, I act as sparring partner and source of inspiration, who enables you as a proven top executive to be an effective leader.

My impact areas

  • Executive coaching
  • Executive workshops
  • Leadership development programs

Your benefits from our collaboration:

  • You have a clear standing in the company
  • You are secure in your management
  • You feel attentive and self-directed
  • You “live” your leader role authentically
  • You implement your clear executive vision successfully
  • You’re enthusiastic and targeted as an authoritative personality
  • You’re perceived as a high performer with confirmed impact

labels of qualifications and memberships

Professional experience

  • Executive Leadership positions and management experience: 10 years in international blue-chip organisations
  • Head of HR Development and Manager Learning & Development: 12 years
  • Project Management and Organisational Consulting: 20 years
  • Professional Coaching: 12 years
  • Workshop Facilitation and Training: 500+ days

Expertise Leadership Excellence

  • Many years of active support for Executive Coaching clients
  • Developing and implementing leadership programmes
  • Planning and presenting workshops and seminars for Top Management
  • Developing Personal Leadership Brand Identity: Effective leadership as a brand
  • Career planning, career path consulting for long-term leadership success
  • Supervision for Executives: Leadership Circle

Expertise Personal Empowerment

  • Targeted personal development and individual motivation strategies
  • Positive ability to influence and persuasion skills
  • Carefully thought-through strategies in complex decision-making situations
  • Clarity in career reorientation Managing crises and conflicts
  • Strengthening personal resilience for everyday practice

Expertise Organisational Excellence

  • Creating corporate culture and Employee Engagement
  • Concept design for Personnel Development strategy
  • Consulting for Learning & Development solutions
  • Change Management: supporting and supervising change
  • High potential programmes and performance management
  • Implementation Project Management methodology
  • Team development and Supervision
  • Moderation of large groups and interactive retreats
  • Broad experience in the Board of Directors as Chairman of the Board (VR-P)
  • Management and enterpreneur of several companies (Founder, Start-Up, aquisition, corporate take-over)
  • Consulting and counselling at C-Level, board members, management and company owners in the areas of leadership and organisational culture development


  • Stakeholder Centred Coaching Marshall Goldsmith (Certified Executive Coach)
  • Supervisor DGSv / Coach DGSv (German company for Supervision + Coaching)
  • Coach BSO / Supervisor BSO (Swiss Professional Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organisational Consultants)
  • Management Executive Coach (Master Comp.) ECA Expert Level. Member of Coaching Association e.V
  • SCOAP Coach Advanced (Scientific Psychological Framework: Neuroleadership)
  • Dip. Mental Coach / Mental Trainer
  • Organisation (Organiser Certificate SGO)
  • GLA – Global Leadership Assessment (360° Assessment)
  • HOGAN Assessment Certification
  • S3 – Growing Organizational Agility with Sociocracy 3.0
  • PROSCI ® Change Management Certification


  • MAS Supervision & Coaching in Organisations (ZFH/IAP)
  • Federal Diploma in Business Information Technology
  • IT Project Manager, Federal Certificate
  • Commercial Bank Apprenticeship