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I am glad to have had to opportunity to attend personal leadership coaching with Cristian. Reflecting 2022, his professional support was of crucial importance during an important change process. His executive coaching also sharpened my awareness of my leadership style.
THANK YOU Cristian.

Michael Allenspach, Director Geberit North & South East Asia

I had the opportunity to work with Cristian during my time as an executive at Sulzer. Through his in-depth experience and effective coaching methods, I was able to develop and sharpen my leadership style. The main focus was to make the best use of my own personality DNA to effectively lead teams, become more effective as a leader and thus lay the foundation for a successful career. I am very satisfied with the results of my coaching and can highly recommend Cristian - he is a trustworthy, credible executive coach and sparring partner, who responds to individual needs so that you can benefit maximally as an executive.

Maximilian Härle, Former Head of Indirect Materials & Services (Global Procurement) at Sulzer AG

Cristian Hofmann was my executive coach for 12 months. I came to Cristian through a recommendation from our HR and I am very happy to have worked with him and to have been able to work on myself.
It started with a 360 degree analysis and leadership assessment in my professional environment.
Cristian supported me in many ways to show me what changes are necessary and possible, which are always to be found through my own drive; combined with enlightening perspectives regarding organization, communication, psychology as well as equipment and tools for sustainable positive change of mind.
The process was completed by a further questioning of my stakeholders about experienced positive changes on my part in collaboration and leadership.
I very much appreciated the exchange with Cristian and still participate almost every day in varuious situations from these sustainable impulses. I have also already successfully recommended Cristian as an executive coach.

Dr. Andreas Kamlowski, President Bruker BioSpin Services & LifeCycle Support Division

The team development was tremendous pleasure for us and we have reached a successful outcome with this team event. I am very confident that we as a team will benefit greatly from the experience gained, continue to learn and develop positively as a team. At this point, my personal and also a heartfelt thank you from the whole team to you for the excellent organization and the professional supervision and facilitation of the various sessions in this development process.

For myself, the Executive Coaching in Zürich was also a very insightful and intensive time in which I felt professionally coached and counselled by you at all times without exception. I highly appreciated this and will gladly recommend you as an executive coach.

Erwin Warmbrodt, Country Head of Finance, Willis Towers Watson

The coaching with Cristian has changed me a lot - both, personally and my leadership. I started with the topic: What do I want to achieve and implement in my executive career and in life? This holistic view for my „Big 5 of Life“ was very important to me. I have gained clarity about my overall goals and priorities. I am now a decisive step further in this implementation. The professional accompaniment by an executive coach into a C-level role has paid off several times over. In a trusting collaboration, there were significant new insights for my leadership effectiveness. Excellent sharp questions and impulses have contributed optimally to reflection. Practical tools give additional orientation and possibilities, which can be implemented in my daily leadership role in a complex business transformation. My very big thank you and a clear recommendation for successful top leaders.


Great Executive Coaching Cristian, that you are doing in Switzerland!
Life is good. Marshall


Clearly a very successful executive coach.


Cristian Hofmann is an inspiring and empathic executive coach who gives a clear boost to individual and professional development. His strengths lie in his structured yet highly individual approach with his clients. Based on individual development goals, he supports the coaching process with a wide range of thought provoking and practical coaching tools and gives you valuable and target-oriented impulses during the sessions. In this way, helpful new perspectives emerge and I always have a clear overview of my work situation.


Guaranteed, measurable results in executive coaching. The goal is to achieve more impact in the company as a top leader.


"Top Executive Sparring Partner."


As part of my development planning and with the support of my company, MSD International
Business GmbH, Cristian Hofmann was engaged as my personal coach.
All in all I found the whole process, which ran from late 2018 to early 2020, to be extremely
rewarding to me.
From the very start it was clear that the approach of the coach was to build a highly customized
development plan that was tailored to my specific needs and would also evolve to my changing
needs... (read the full testimonial in the link below)


Cristian Hofmann has a quality distinct from other consultants whom I know. He puts heart and soul into coaching. Competent, astute and inspiring, his counseling is wide-ranging and durable. He can take on executives and deal individually with their character, situation and needs, helping to clarify core lifelong themes. In challenging periods, Mr. Hofmann provided valuable support in dealing with the topic of reputation in top management. An intense, exciting, insightful time, a journey that begins with oneself and probably has no end. He vastly exceeded my expectations. Simply marvelous! I can say without exaggerating that working with him has made my life more worthwhile and purposeful.

Anton Moser, Chairman of the Executive Board, Raiffeisenbank

Cristian coached me for several months with his great expertise as a professional business coach. With his personal experience and inspiration I was competently advised in my development as a leader and was able to develop optimally in leadership eficciacy.
The conversations and discussions were always held at eye level. Cristian understood how to respond to current needs and topics without losing sight of the agreed goal.
His constructive feedback has led to a more critical examination of my actions and ways of thinking and to a more conscious perception of my role as a leader and to make my leadership appear even more successful.

Patric Jäger, Head Customer Service, Samsung Electronics Switzerland

Mr. Hofmann works very professionally in his business coaching; he’s attentive and supportive. He rapidly grasps the essential topics, given his situational orientation. Within a short time, he gets to the crux of complex challenges. I was able to deal with my concern regarding assurance as a leader successfully and efficiently. Within my department and division, I now receive appreciative feedback on my management style. Thank you very much.

M. E., Director of an international financial services provider

I had the pleasure to meet and get to know Cris during a leadership executive summit. Cris presented his philosophy ‘Empowering Excellence,’ which turned out to be a great inspiration for self-awareness and personal development. Cris is an excellent Executive Coaching Expert, aspirational and very approachable. He will be a big asset to any person who seeks a sparring partner to grow.

Heinz Saguer, Head of Region CEE at SFS Group, VP and General Manager

In Cristian Hofmann, we secured a high caliber professional coach. His positive, enthusiastic
character and effective competence as an advisor inspired executives to long-term

Julia Hermann, Head of Human Capital Management, Generali

Cristian Hofmann's highly professional support as sparring partner and coach helped me advance my development in a dynamic organization experiencing continual changes in demands. I uncovered a few blind spots with the aid of his open, unassuming manner and sensitivity for crucial topics. His extremely effective coaching enabled me to find new solutions.

Hans Jörg Denzler, CEO & Managing Director, Interxion (Switzerland)

Cristian is a profound Executive Coach with a wide range of experience which he use to empowering leaders. I had the pleasure to work with Cristian over a couple of month in an individual coaching. During that time he supported me to understand my personality better. As a sparring partner Cristian introduced me principles and solutions which I can use as a leader in a global environment in my daily life. His knowledge is a great asset to successful leaders who strive to excellence.

Fabian Schenkel, Head Product Management, SAMSUNG

I approached Cristian with a clear goal: I have an interview for a great job in 3 days, I have to get this job.
Finally, after 2 to 3 months of coaching, I got the job I dreamed of.
Cristian has what it takes to effectively advise his clients: a field-tested economic and psychological/educational dual qualification.
His economic know-how helps to understand the interrelationships in the company, and his psychological competence helps to recognize the individual in his or her personality.
I needed a real counterpart who knows ups and downs, who can communicate openly, a person with the core competencies of empathy, curiosity and creativity, the willingness to confront and the ability to open up a new perspective, and to support me in developing my "own way".

C'était simplement parfait, merci beaucoup!

Stéphanie Schmidt-Wellenburg, TPM Project Manager Lindt & Sprüngli

I felt lucky to engage Cristian as Leader of Personnel Development for Swissport. Constantly innovative, extraordinarily inspiring and highly professional. Within a short time, he implemented excellence in management and leadership development that resulted in a sustainable added value at all levels. Today he’s still my best sparring partner and closest ‘challenger.’ He’s a booster in leadership reputation.

Loredana Quercia, Head Training & Development, Swissport International

I’m very impressed by Cristian’s intellect, coaching style and instinct. His candid viewpoints
and inspiring perspective make him extremely enriching. I certify executive coaches around
the world in my coaching philosophy, methods and tools, and I recommend Cristian as an
exemplary talent, both as Executive Coach and as a director of leadership retreats and workshops.

John Mattone, #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership & World’s Top Executive Coach

Cristian is a highly professional facilitator, an absolutely reliable and trustful sparring partner. Fully dedicated to achieving best possible results and excellence in executive team development.

Roman von Siebenthal, Head Forward Trading, Axpo Group

Cris Hofmann developed and delivered an engaging and valuable Project Management workshop for HR Shared Services Leadership Team. What stands out about Cris is that he is flexible, listens well and was able to adapt his experience to our group’s and the individuals within the group’s needs. I would again work with Cris.

Yves Lampreu, Head Career Center Switzerland, GE

Cris made a highly professional impression on me at our PM Excellence Workshop. His extensive experience along with his pithy manner of expression, genuine respect and attentive interaction impressed and enriched me.

Viviane Perdrizat, Head Operational Health Management, Kantonsspital Baden AG

I had the pleasure of working with Cristian on various enterprise development projects. He is a brilliant and unique sparring partner with profound professional experience. His communication style is honest and straightforward. His innovative approach results in ongoing and effective personnel development solutions. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work and inspires others with his positive attitude.

Adrian Elkuch, Chief Operations Officer, BH Airport (Brasil)

High level conceptual impulses that inspire new viewpoints and revealing insights. Business Coaching is fun this way.

Jan Weissbrodt, Senior Tax Manager, KPMG AG

I have worked with Cristian for many years, valuing his competencies in leadership and talent development and his deep interest in strengthening and developing people. Cristian is a person with a high level of personal engagement and commitment.

Stefanie Neumann, Head Leadership, Talent and Professional Development, UBS AG

Cristian is an outstanding Master Certified Executive Coach and very experienced in using the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Process. He has helped C-Level Execs and Senior-Leadership Teams in multinational organizations to new levels of success in engaging their teams, creating a more effective culture and impacting their business performance. Cristian works process-oriented and solution-focused to deliver real results and with guaranteed proof of leadership effectiveness. It is always a true pleasure to collaborate with Cristian on coaching projects together.

Will Linssen, CEO Global Coach Group, Global Top 10 Leadership Coach

I met Cristian in the scope of various ‘Leadership & Management Development Programs’ that he planned and led at KPMG. Cristian is a convincing and extremely motivating coach, who can inspire critical participants in a demanding environment. Cristian helped us considerably with his profound knowledge and skill in responding to individual needs flexibly. With his positive, proactive attitude, he stimulated me personally a great deal, and I benefit from this as a manager daily in my professional routine.

Mathias Haller, Head of Digital Media, KPMG AG

Cristian Hofmann leads a range of workshops for us on leadership and management development topics. His process-oriented moderation and effective prompts enable all participants to contribute in an individual and self-reflective way, shaping an optimal transfer. Highly professional for high potentials!

A. B., Head HR People & Organizational Development, Big Four

The coaching with Cristian Hofmann enabled me to prepare perfectly for my new leadership role. His coaching gave me clarity in my leadership identity and supports me in mastering challenging tasks in my management position with the necessary calmness and professionalism.

D. Ruder, Team Leader, UBS AG

Cristian Hofmann has profound knowledge of personality structure and development. He also grasps the implications that these have on personal chances for success given professional choices and career advancement possibilities. Cristian complements his theoretical strengths with empathy and openness. Working with him helped me gain insight into weighing personal drivers in making suitable decisions, also regarding teams or organizations, resulting in a choice that offers great potential to apply and develop my capabilities.

Andrew DeBoo, Vontobel Asset Management

With regard to the personal coaching for A.H., this was the ideal form to address specific questions around effective communication and self-confidence. In a training group, it would not have been possible to have these personal questions discussed openly and addressed them in a such targeted way. This has really helped A.H. to make a step forward and to develop her in a positive way - and also for our collaboration. Having your resource and expertise to do this was certainly very helpful. I and A.H. appreciated very much having this possibility and found it very beneficial. Thank you Cristian for the great support!

T.K., Partner KPMG, (Feedback regarding a direct report coachee)